Navigating the Digital Divide


  • Steven F. Hick
  • John R. Graham
  • Marion E. Jones


The digital divide has now been analyzed for over a decade. Many in the field believe it is time to reflect on where we are today. Has the concept lost all meaning as academics and policy-makers grapple with the issues? Is the digital divide just a more subtle way of discussing poverty and social exclusion or is it a valid new formulation for discussing recent and novel changes occurring in an information society? Much of the content of the following special edition journal is based on papers given at a May 2003 conference on International social welfare policy and practice for vulnerable groups: International perspectives on social justice and technology - held concurrently at the Universities of Calgary and Regina, Canada. The conference involved over 100 participants from North America, South America, and Europe, and over 30 peer reviewed papers delivered in person or in real time via electronic media from such remote sites as Boston, New York, and Amsterdam.