Instructions to Authors 1. We do not mind if you submit your work elsewhere at the same time as you send it to us. However, if and when we accept your submission (and you decide to publish with us) you will assign copyright of your work to Currents, and will therefore need to withdraw it from consideration elsewhere. 2. Ensure that the submission complies with the formatting guidelines of the American Psychological Association (6th edn.) and uses 12-point Times New Roman font (or an explanation for the use of an alternative format has been provided in Comments to the Editor). 3. Ensure that the reference list coincides with all citations in the manuscript and an Abstract has been provided and appears at the beginning of the manuscript. 4. It is the responsibility of the author(s) to ensure and attest that all secondary sources are properly cited and referenced according to APA 6th edn. guidelines and that all materials, ideas, etc., used in the preparation of this manuscript are properly acknowledged. 5. Please review and take the following steps to ensure a BLIND PEER REVIEW of your manuscript: a. Remove all identifying information from the manuscript and attach this information in a second WORD document, and b. In WORD documents remove author identification from the file properties. Click on File > Properties > Summary. Remove any identifying information that appears in the Summary window then press Save or OK.