Technology-Independent Algorithm for Collision Warning System at Semi-Controlled Intersections

Essam Dabbour, Said Easa


Most of the collision warning systems that are available in the automotive market are mainly designed to detect imminent rear-end and/or lane-departure collisions. So far, no collision warning system is commercially available to detect imminent angle and turning collisions at semi-controlled intersections where the driver of a vehicle attempts to depart a minor road (controlled by a stop sign) to turn right, to turn left, or to cross an uncontrolled major road. One of the major causes for collisions at non-signalized intersections is the human error and misjudgment of the driver of the minor-road vehicle. Therefore, using a properly-designed collision warning system will have the potential to reduce, or even eliminate, this type of collision by reducing human error. This paper introduces a technology-independent algorithm for a collision warning system that can detect imminent collisions at semi-controlled intersections. The system utilizes commercially-available detectors to detect the approaching vehicles on the major road and calculate their speeds, accelerations, and rates of change of acceleration to estimate the time required to reach the intersection. The time required by the minor-road vehicle to clear the intersection is modeled as a function of driver and vehicle characteristics. By comparing the two times, the system displays a message for the driver of the minor-road vehicle when the departure maneuver is safe. An application example is provided to illustrate the proposed algorithm.


Road, intelligent transportation systems

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