Involving Youth in Empowerment Evaluation: Evaluators’ Perspectives


  • Sarah Heath University of Winnipeg
  • Katherine Moreau University of Ottawa



Empowerment Evaluation, Collaborative Program Evaluation, Youth-focused Evaluation


Empowerment Evaluation (EE) aims to teach program stakeholders, including beneficiaries, how to conduct their own evaluations. In this mixed methods research project we sought to investigate and formally document the involvement of youth in EE of programs targeting youth. Phase 1 surveyed evaluators about the extent to which they involve youth in EE. Phase 2 involved interviews with evaluators and explored what factor(s) facilitate and hinder: the involvement of youth in EE of programs targeting youth. The findings show that youth are involved to some extent in EE, and there are factors that can facilitate and hinder the involvement of youth in EE.

Author Biographies

Sarah Heath, University of Winnipeg

Sarah Heath, PhD, is Instructor III in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Winnipeg.

Katherine Moreau, University of Ottawa

Katherine Moreau, PhD, is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa and Senior Researcher at the University of Ottawa Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services.