Call for papers


With the rejuvenation of CJPE, we have been dealing with a reasonable flow of submissions. The number of high quality submissions is nearing the point where we can move to a fourth issue each year. Submissions, in English or French, which further knowledge about planning, design and utilization of evaluation, are encouraged. With our new electronic management system and quick turnaround times, authors can be assured of careful and timely consideration.

New Practice Section – Addressing Challenges in Evaluation Practice

This section of the journal is devoted to the presentation of real-life cases by evaluation practitioners. We encourage submissions that highlight challenges encountered in evaluation design, conduct, reporting, knowledge transfer and utilization. Rich descriptions of challenges and of approached to addressing challenges are invited. Articles must include the following three sections and provide answers to all of the following "interview" questions:

  • Description of Case and Evaluation Context
    • Why was the evaluation conducted? What did the client want to learn?
    • What resources (time, money, in-kind, etc.) were available for conducting the evaluation? Were they suitable for answering the evaluation questions?
  • Description of Challenges and how they Impede the Evaluation Process
    • What challenges did you face in conducting this evaluation?
    • To what extent did you or could you have anticipated these challenges?
    • How did these challenges affect the implementation of the evaluation?
  • Description of how Challenges were addressed
    • How did you address each of these challenges?
    • What should evaluators do to avoid these challenges to start off with?
    • What would you recommend for others faced with similar challenges?
    • What, if any, are the systemic issues that the evaluation community should address?

Submissions must follow this general structure and be written as interview questions and answers. Authors may add additional "interview" questions. Authors should aim for 1,500 to 3,000 words. All submissions will be subject to blind peer review. Review comments connecting the case to evaluation research literature will be published alongside the article.