EvalIndigenous Origin Story: Effective Practices within Local Contexts to Inform the Field and Practice of Evaluation

  • Nicole R Bowman-Farrell Bowman Performance Consulting
Keywords: EvalIndigenous, EvalPartners, Indigenous evaluation, Tribal/First Nation, governance, evaluation, United Nations, tribal critical theory, Indigenous theory, systems evaluation, government evaluation, truth and reconciliation


EvalIndigenous began in November 2015 as a global task force network of EvalPartners. This Origin Story of EvalIndigenous is shared to describe some of the work being carried out today by Indigenous evaluators in the global north and south. EvalIndigenous’ roots provide the tribal critical and Indigenous theories and methods, as well as the legal and political distinctions of Indigenous peoples and Tribal/First Nations. EvalIndigenous shares how evaluation is done “by us and for us”. The article concludes by highlighting key strategies that the field of evaluation can consider in the future when working with Indigenous populations and sovereign Tribal/First Nations governments and communities.

Special Issue- Evaluation in Indigenous Contexts