Applying the Collaborative Approaches to Evaluation (CAE) Principles in an Educational Evaluation: Reflections from the Field

  • Jeremy Acree University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Keywords: collaborative approaches, CAE principles, evaluation practice


This practice note presents reflections on the application of the collabora­tive approaches to evaluation (CAE) principles used as a guide in planning, imple­menting, and managing a collaborative evaluation in a higher educational setting. Th e reflection is based the evaluation of a technology integration program intended to enhance K–12 teacher preparation in a school of education at a public university in the southeast United States. The evaluation was conducted during a one-year period by the author and a diverse team of novice and experienced evaluators. Dis­cussion of the principles and their influence on collaborative practice are based on an analysis of evaluator reflections, meetings with stakeholders, and a culminating interview with stakeholders that were recorded and documented throughout the evaluation. Key takeaways from our reflection and analysis highlight the ways in which the CAE principles encourage reflection, the emphasis of some principles based on the specificities of context, and challenges applying the principles that emerged throughout the evaluation.

Practice Note- English