Démocratisation et efficience sont-elles antinomiques au niveau local ? Le cas des réformes managériales des administrations publiques locales en Wallonie

  • Catherine Fallon Liège Université
Keywords: Administration publique; gestion stratégique; participation; pouvoirs locaux


The generalized use of new public management tools, in the name of the effi ciency and effectiveness of public action, forces us to question once more the relationship between democracy and administration. At a local level, it is possible to reanalyze the politics-administration-citizens triangle, as it evolves following the ap­propriation of new strategic management tools and participation mechanisms. Th e study of the emergence of these new mechanisms in the Walloon region of Belgium highlights new means of exercising power and public action and bring into question their involvement in the logic of democratic reinforcement.

Author Biography

Catherine Fallon, Liège Université

Director of SPIRAL

Professor in Political Science

PhD in political an social sciences

Licence en Sciences sociales

MSc in Biochemical Engineering

Ingénieur Civil Chimiste

Theme Segment- Democracy and Evaluation