Why Bother? A Métissage


  • Nabila Kazmi University of Victoria
  • Allison Balabuch University of Victoria
  • Sunny Jun University of Victoria


Why bother? It is a question that provokes, frustrates, and baffles educators and scholars. It is a question that drives us to improve and causes us to throw up our hands in despair. As doctoral students, three of us came to this question in our attempts to situate ourselves and develop a clearer understanding of our motivations to continue our studies and embark on critical feminist oriented research. In this paper, we reflect on how our experience using métissage, an expressive and poetic art form that weaves together stories, can inform our work and research as feminists. Through our stories braided together and situated in our specific socio-cultural contexts, we build alliances to challenge the hierarchies of power, knowledge and education.






Research Study/Recherche