Développer un prototype de dispositif d’apprentissage immersif pour des apprenants collégiaux : la réalité virtuelle au service de l’évolution


  • Edith Potvin-Rosselet Université du Québec à Montréal


Misconceptions about the evolution theory are common among adult learners. The difficulties of its understanding, as well as the consequences of its misunderstanding are well documented. In education, the use of virtual reality can improve learning since learners who experience a phenomenon in a cognitive, physical and affective way are more likely to modify for the best their conceptions. This research project aims to develop a prototype of an immersive virtual reality learning experience to improve the understanding of evolutionary theory in CEGEP. To reach this goal, the research and development approach was chosen, since it allows for the elaboration of a functional solution to improve the understanding of the theory, in collaboration with college stakeholders. The following text summarizes elements of the problematic, the theoretical framework, the methodological choices and the expected results of the project.





CJNSE-CCGSE Special Issue