Work-Integrated Learning and Indigenous Educational Philosophy: A Review of the Literature


  • Noah Arney University of Calgary


This literature review examines the current research into Work-Integrated Learning and Indigenous Educational Philosophies and how the two can be woven together. This was done by examining the theoretical backing, benefits and future direction of work-integrated learning as well as the Indigenous philosophical concepts of land, rationalism, and holism as well as and the cyclical and experiential educational concepts. It is shown how a relational and holistic perspective can support students in work-integrated learning and how the concept of iteration is core to strong work-integrated learning experiences. This will be helpful for educators developing or improving work-integrated learning programs and wish to focus on person centered benefits rather than labour market improvements.

Author Biography

Noah Arney, University of Calgary

MEd, Adult Education, Werklund School of Education






Literature Review/Revue de la documentation