Education for whom? Exploring systems of oppression and domination

Janelle Brady


This paper explores a plethora of issues in education by linking systemic issues of oppression and domination to historical and contemporary contexts. The main argument is an identification and articulation of the importance of historical localities in the perpetuation of people’s oppression and marginalization. Importantly, I use an exploratory investigative approach to articulate the pedagogical implications of systems of oppression and domination within and beyond Canadian contexts. Going beyond identifying deep-rooted systemic injustices, I outline the significance of moving beyond difference as a deficit by presenting many decolonial actions that are currently taking place in the Canadian K-12 educational context. Finally, I re/introduce an opportunity for further action and an articulation for new imaginaries and futurities. 


ant-racist education; power and privilege; oppression

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Last updated July 13 2018