The Effects of Metacognitive Treatments on the Academic Performance of Students with Learning Disabilities: A Meta-Analysis

  • Bruce Robson Maxwell Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec
  • Kian Grenier Concordia University
Keywords: metacognition, learning disabilities, academic performance


This meta-analysis explores previous research involving metacognitive interventions and the academic performance of students with learning disabilities. From our initial review of over 120 studies, six studies met our inclusion criteria and were included in this study, and moderator variables were explored. Overall, a medium-to-large effect size of 0.79 was found using Cohen’s d for these final selected six research articles. These results provide preliminary support for the use of metacognitive treatments for students with learning disabilities throughout elementary to postsecondary settings.

Author Biographies

Bruce Robson Maxwell, Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec
Ph.D. In Education Student specializing in Education Studies
Kian Grenier, Concordia University
Ph.D. in Education student
Research Study/Recherche