The Worrisome State of Legal Literacy among Teachers and Administrators


  • Troy Allen Davies University of Alberta


law, education, legal education


Globally, societies are becoming more litigious. As one consequence, educators are developing an increased sensitivity to the legal context that shapes their professional work. While this trend is being led by the United States, its effects are felt in Canada and elsewhere. Accordingly, there has been an observed increase in the fear of litigation amongst educators, which, in turn, impacts their educational practices. This paper argues, however, that this fear is borne more of a lack of legal knowledge amongst educators than it is of the actual prospects of being involved in a lawsuit. It also suggests possible means by which this lack can be overcome which would also serve as a corrective to educators’ misplaced fears.

Author Biography

Troy Allen Davies, University of Alberta

Troy Davies is a Ph. D. candidate in the department of Educational Policy Studies at the Univeristy of Alberta and a school principal in the city of Edmonton.






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