Deconstructing Gender: Realizing the Possibilities


  • Leanna Madill University of Victoria


Gender, literacy, language, poetic representation


Education is calling for approaches to improve adolescent males’ success in language and literacy related classes; however, the reasons for this lack of achievement are complex. There is no sustainable immediate solution. Through poetic representations created by the researcher, this research study reports on the voice of an adolescent male student who examined gender roles and expectations in a Grade 10 English class. The findings reveal his growing insight into the complexities that co–construct his role and expectations as a gendered being. These findings can inform educators towards helping students realize their potential as literacy students and guide their understanding of gender roles.

Author Biography

Leanna Madill, University of Victoria

Leanna Madill is a doctoral student in the Faculty of Education, at the University of Victoria. She has taught in a high school, and in the Teacher Education Program. Her research interests include video game learning, alternative research representations, gender, literacy, alternative texts, assessment, and teacher education.






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