Incorporating Indigenous Content Into K-12 Curriculum: Supports for Teachers in Provincial and Territorial Policy and Post-Secondary Education Spaces


  • Denise Webb University of Toronto
  • Angela Mashford-Pringle University of Toronto


Indigenous education, education policy, teacher education, post-secondary education, cultural safety, Indigenous, Canada, decolonization of education


In an era of learning truth and working towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, education institutions across Canada are in the midst of decolonizing their education spaces. Fundamental to this process are the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action to educate settler teacher candidates to develop culturally appropriate curricula and incorporate Indigenous content into their teaching practices. Little research has reviewed institutional responses to these recommendations. To fill this gap, this study compiles recent efforts to inform Ministries of Education and post-secondary education institutions of effective and culturally safe methods to incorporate Indigenous content in curricula, based on current interventions and the lived experiences of teachers navigating the decolonization process. Two rapid reviews of grey and academic literature are completed. The findings shed light onto course-, professional workshop-, and policy-based interventions to support teachers in teaching Indigenous content. Interventions often prioritize cultural safety to underline teaching practices and focus on addressing settler biases, racism, and harmful stereotypes. Many Bachelor of Education programs offer mandatory courses on how to infuse Indigenous worldviews into curriculum, and emphasize building relationships, challenging positionalities, and establishing safe spaces to ask questions. Many teachers benefit from cultural safety training and resources, however, some continue to face challenges in confronting their roles and responsibilities as settlers within education spaces. As decolonizing education is an ongoing process, this research aims to provide key information to advance its progress. To that end, future research needs to investigate the long-term impacts of existing interventions on teaching practices and curriculum development.