Fixing the Plane While It’s in the Air: Managing a Principal’s Energy


  • Patricia Briscoe Niagara University
  • Paul Wild Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board


In this case, Peter, an experienced principal in a new school board and school, is struggling to keep up with the day-to-day challenges at his school and to achieve work–life balance. Challenges include: (a) the small changes in a school can demand of his time; (b) daily unintended interruptions are draining his time and energy; (c) he feels overwhelmed, which causes feelings of hopelessness and despair; and (d) the demands of long daily work hours and are affecting his family life and his ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The case includes teaching notes and two activities—exploring the difference between time and energy management; completing an energy management audit and devising a plan and strategies to restore and replenish energy—that instructors can use in graduate level courses and professional development workshops.