Contemporary Expectations for Entrepreneurship: Lessons to be Learned from a Case About the Shift in Canadian Decanal Responsibilities


  • Donald Scott
  • Shelleyann Scott University of Calgary
  • Abdoulaye Anne
  • Stacy Crosby
  • Linda Dudar
  • Elaine Fournier
  • David Litz Emirates College of Advanced Education


This paper presents a case narrative of a university dean who is charged with instituting change within her faculty in order to resolve the faculty’s financial issues. The case narrative explores academic conceptualizations of entrepreneurship and describes the dean’s context in terms of: her executive leadership team, the financial issues she was facing, the financial contentions in instituting change, legal complexities, programmatic and marketing dimensions, poor academic cultures, and work intensification implications. The teaching notes presents five leadership development activities that span these issues and encourage students to engage in brainstorming, mind-mapping, a placemat, a jigsaw, and a leadership reflection activity.

Author Biography

Shelleyann Scott, University of Calgary

Professor, Leadership, Policy, & Governance
Werklund School of Education
University of Calgary