The Education and Integration of Immigrant Children in Ontario: A Content Analysis of Policy Documents Guiding Schools’ Response to the Needs of Immigrant Students


  • Carla Camila Lara Brock University
  • Louis Volante Brock University


Given the rise and diversification of the immigrant student population within Canadian school systems,
the establishment of policies that support immigrant pupils’ transition and integration has become of
pressing concern for policymakers. Following our multi-dimensional support model, this study examined
the extent to which Ontario’s provincial education policies, guidelines, and strategies respond to the needs
of immigrant students within the K-12 public education system. For the most part, the current analysis
indicated that the ministry has established the necessary educational support measures to integrate immigrant students. However, our findings also suggest that this group of students warrants a stand-alone
policy document to comprehensively address all of their unique needs. Moreover, this study underscores
the importance of greater policy coherence and direction within Ontario, as well as the ongoing role that
evidenced-based research should serve in the development and refinement of existing policies.

Author Biographies

Carla Camila Lara, Brock University

Graduate Student Research Assistant, Department of Educational Studies, Brock University

Louis Volante, Brock University

Professor, Department of Educational Studies, Brock University