Book Review - Compassion and Education: Cultivating Compassionate Children, Schools and Communities

Raghad Ebied



Compassion and Education: Cultivating Compassionate Children, Schools and Communities is a book written by a professor of civic and moral education, outlining the important role of education in cultivating compassion.  Peterson (2017) defines compassion as a moral which demonstrates the ability to “recognize and care about the suffering of others and to take some form of appropriate action in response” (Peterson, 2017, p. 2).  He argues compassion is a necessary individual and collective response in schools.  Peterson emphasizes such a response is necessary as a result of the highest level of suffering we have encountered since World War II due to the incidence of natural disasters, disease and conflict, impacting nearly 60 million people, with half of them being children (United Nations General Assembly, 2016).  Peterson’s central concerns which he seeks to address include defining the concept of compassion and its key characteristics, how to enact compassion toward others, and how it relates to our self-concept.


ethic of care, compassion, character education

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