Leadership requirements for school principals: similarities and differences between four competency standards

Monique Lambert, Yamina Bouchamma


The school principal is responsible for transmitting mission, vision, and values in and out the school, with a stronger, clearer emphasis for the success and well-being of students. Competency standard is defined as a guide that names the behaviours expected for the directions to do an effective job in their schools. This article presents the results of a content analysis of four competency standards for school principals from four different locations; two Canadian provinces (Québec and Alberta), Australia, and the UnitedStates. Despite the particularities of each context, the four competency standards studied present 85% of similarities. Competencies absent from these standards include technology, cultural diversity, and balance between personal and professional life.


competency standard; competency profile; professional standards; leadership profile; competencies of school principals; school leadership standards

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