Leadership requirements for school principals: similarities and differences between four competency standards

  • Monique Lambert Laval University
  • Yamina Bouchamma Laval University
Keywords: competency standard, competency profile, professional standards, leadership profile, competencies of school principals, school leadership standards


The school principal is responsible for transmitting mission, vision, and values in and out the school, with a stronger, clearer emphasis for the success and well-being of students. Competency standard is defined as a guide that names the behaviours expected for the directions to do an effective job in their schools. This article presents the results of a content analysis of four competency standards for school principals from four different locations; two Canadian provinces (Québec and Alberta), Australia, and the UnitedStates. Despite the particularities of each context, the four competency standards studied present 85% of similarities. Competencies absent from these standards include technology, cultural diversity, and balance between personal and professional life.