Somewhere Between the Colonial and the Postcolonial: An interview with Gibraltarian author Mark G. Sanchez


  • Isabel Alonso-Breto University of Barcelona
  • Mark Sanchez


Gibraltar, Gibraltarian, M G Sanchez, coloniality, hybridity


Gibraltar, the British territory located at the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula, is one of those places which are frequently in the news, but which often confuse outsiders with their ‘more-than-meets-the-eye’ complexity. Is it a colony, or is it self-governing? What is its relationship with its much larger neighbour across the border? Is there a Gibraltarian way of thinking? In this interview the Gibraltarian writer and novelist M. G. Sanchez – who has spent the last twenty years expounding upon the contradictions and idiosyncrasies at the heart of modern-day Gibraltarian identity – discusses borders, Brexit, coloniality, hybridity, as well as his latest novel Gooseman and his 2018 travelogue Bombay Journal.

Author Biographies

Isabel Alonso-Breto, University of Barcelona

Isabel Alonso-Breto is a Lecturer in Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures at the University of Barcelona. A member of the research group Ratnakara: Indian Ocean Literatures and Cultures, she has published scholarly articles on texts by authors of Caribbean, Canadian, Indian, South-African, Sri Lankan and Tamil origin. She has edited several monographic issues of scholarly journals, and is also interested in creative writing and translation. She is the deputy director of the Centre for Australian and Transnational Studies at the University of Barcelona.

Mark Sanchez

M. G. Sanchez is a Gibraltarian writer based in the UK. He studied at the University of Leeds, where he obtained BA, MA and PhD degrees in English Literature. He is the author of thirteen Gibraltar-themed books, among them novels, journals, memoirs, historical studies and collections of short stories. Numerous scholarly articles have been published on his books, and he has lectured about his work at universities in Europe and the US.