The Conversational Quality of Literature: An Interview with Neel Mukherjee



Dalit, literary influences, Neel Mukherjee, Indian literature, A Life Apart, The Lives of the Others, A State of Freedom


Neel Mukherjee, author of The Lives of the Others and A State of Freedom talks about his education, his readings, his career as a reviewer and lately as a novelist. He discusses some of the issues brought up by his novels, such as capitalism, the predicament of the have-nots, and literary influences.

Author Biography

Alessandro Vescovi, Università degli Studi di Milano

Alessandro Vescovi, Ph.D. (1998), Genoa University, is Associate Professor at the Department of modern languages, University of Milano, where he teaches Anglophone Literatures. He is part of the advisory boards of literature and Indology journals and series, has published monographs, including one on Amitav Ghosh(Firenze, Le lettere, 2012), and articles on Indian writing in English (Narayan, Naipaul, Ghosh, Desai, Lahiri, Mukherjee) in several international journals. He is currently working on a monograph on post-secularism in Indian fiction.