Call for Papers: Inviting Special Issue Proposals for ARIEL


ariel: A REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LITERATURE, one of the oldest journals of postcolonial literature, is currently looking for proposals for special issues. Special issues explore a new approach in postcolonial studies or related fields, address an important or neglected topic, or celebrate an anniversary of an important thinker or writer in the field. Past issues have focused on such topics as postcolonial affect, Andrea Levy, the relationship between Indigenous and postcolonial studies, postcolonial ecocriticism, literature and postcolonial capitalism, Caryl Phillips, and global pedagogy.

The editors of a special issue work closely with the editors of ARIEL, who offer support throughout the process of soliciting and assessing submissions and communicating with authors. ARIEL also takes responsibility for copyediting the special issue.

For guidelines on writing up a proposal, please go to our Submissions page and scroll down to “Special Issue Proposals.”

We welcome proposals and questions at

Michael Tavel Clarke & Faye Halpern
Co-editors, ARIEL