An Oceanographic Study of James Bay before the Completion of the La Grande Hydroelectric Complex


  • Mohammed I. El-Sabh
  • Vladimir G. Koutitonsky



Environmental impacts, Hydroelectric power, Ocean currents, Oceanography, Sea ice, Spatial distribution, Water resources, Hudson Bay, James Bay


From observations made at a number of oceanographic stations established in the northern part of James Bay, data for freshwater budget ice conditions, salinity, temperature distribution and water circulation are presented and discussed. With the completion of the hydroelectric complex, the mean annual rate of discharge of the La Grande River will increase by 88 per cent, through addition of the diverted head waters of other rivers, but will become approximately constant throughout the year instead of being subject to spring peaks and winter lows. Changes to be expected in oceanographic conditions in James Bay are discussed, and recommendations made for the planning of future studies.