Conceptualizing a Personalized Identity-Focused Approach to Teacher Professional Development: Postulating the Realization of Reform


Identity structure analysis (ISA) reveals core and conflicted identity constructs, long-term aspirant goals for behaviours, behaviours one wishes to avoid, potential for behaviour change when moving from one life domain to another, and people that are the subject of identity conflicts. In this work, ISA is applied to a teacher’s identity to form a framework to guide professional development. A rationale for use of the ISA framework is developed that connects it to calls for reform in professional development.

Keywords: teacher identity; identity structure analysis; professional development; mentoring; teacher education

L’analyse de structure identitaire (ASI) révèle des constructions identitaires fondamentales et divergentes; des objectifs à long-terme relatifs au comportement; des comportements que l’individu désire éviter; le potentiel pour un changement comportemental lors du mouvement d’une sphère de la vie à une autre; et des gens qui vivent des conflits identitaires. Cet article porte sur l’application de l’ASI à l’identité d’un enseignant de sorte à fournir un cadre pour guider le développement professionnel. Nous développons un motif pour l’utilisation du cadre d’ASI qui le lie aux demandes pour des réformes dans le domaine du développement professionnel.

Mots clés: identité d’enseignant; analyse de structure identitaire; développement professionnel; mentorat; formation des enseignants

Author Biographies

Graham James Passmore, Lakehead University

Graham J Passmore is Associate Professor of Education at Lakehead University. "Originally from the UK, I worked toward a Ph.D. on moving to Canada. My original subject area was Educational Technology but I shifted to Identity Structure Analysis in 2014. I recently moved back toward technology in my teaching at Lakehead University."


Stephen R. Hart, Independent

Stephen R. Hart is an Independent Researcher. Over the last two decades Stephen has served in various roles including instructor, research assistant, teacher, curriculum leader and assistant principal. Stephen maintains an active interest in educational research with a particular focus on the intersection of theory and practice.