Diverse Voices: Children’s Perceptions of Spirituality

  • Kelsey Moore McGill University
  • Victoria Talwar McGill University
  • Sandra Bosacki Brock University
  • Jeeson Park-Saltzman Ohio State University
Keywords: Spirituality, Social Adjustment, Emotional Development

Author Biographies

Kelsey Moore, McGill University
Kelsey Moore is a graduate student in the integrated Master’s/PhD School/Applied Child Psychology program at McGill University.
Victoria Talwar, McGill University
Victoria Talwar is an associate professor in the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology at McGill University. She specializes in the social emotional development of young children.
Sandra Bosacki, Brock University
Sandra Bosacki is an associate professor in the Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education at Brock University and teaches courses in social-cognitive development and educational psychology.
Jeeson Park-Saltzman, Ohio State University
Jeeseon Park-Saltzman is a senior staff therapist in the Counseling and Consultation Service at the Ohio State University.