School-Related Stress and Depression in Adolescents With and Without Learning Disabilities: An Exploratory Study


  • D. Paige Feurer
  • Jac J.W. Andrews



This study examined school-related stress and depression in adolescents with and without learning disabilities. A total of 87 students (38 learning-disabled and 49 nondisabled) from secondary schools in Calgary completed questionnaires on depressive symptoms and on school-related stress. Results indicated that the adolescents with LD reported significantly higher levels of academic self-concept stress than their NonLD peers. However, the groups did not differ significantly on depression or on the other areas of school-related stress. Significant and positive correlations between school-related stress and depression were found, and the stress variables were found to be significant predictors of adolescent depression. Practical implications of the findings for parents and educators are discussed.