The Framework and Measure of Effective School Visioning Strategy (MCP-FIV)


  • Glenn W. Rideout
  • Linda M. McKay
  • L. L. Morton



This article describes a pilot study in which a prototype instrument is presented as a first step toward a reliable and valid tool that facilitates both the establishment of a visioning strategy and evaluation of the effectiveness of visioning strategies, existing or new. A brief historical perspective precedes an examination of the actual steps that comprise a visioning strategy. Analysis of research data arising from a pilot study involving the instrument suggests that school leaders are more likely to be involved in visioning strategy than parents or students. All stakeholders generally, and parents, students, and principals specifically, are more likely to be involved in visioning processes in medium-sized schools. School leaders will be challenged to consider whether change in their schools is consistent with vision that has been inclusively and collaboratively established or if such change reflects centralized, mandated, top-down processes that are simply implemented by principals.