"Publish as ready" model


In an earlier volume, we introduced a pre-print of articles and immediately shared an article that was accepted for publication and later formally publishing the article in the next issue. However, we ran into some technical issues that made this continuing this practice difficult and time-consuming. To continue our desire to reflect what is needed by the Canadian academic integrity community, and to mirror the processes of other journals articles , we are moving to a “publish as ready” model. 

Here's what won’t change:

  • each article will have its own DOI
  • contributors will continue to submit articles to a particular section and that article will be identified within the journal with that section identifier (e.g., peer-reviewed, practitioner, editorial,  conference proceedings)

Here’s what will change:

  • there will no longer be two issues per volume (historically June and December). We will publish articles when ready.

Here are some of the benefits we have identified:

  • timely sharing of knowledge, ideas, and research with the Canadian and global academic integrity community
  • increase contributors who choose to submit to the Canadian Perspectives on Academic Integrity increase in readership (more frequent announcements about publications may lead to increased readership of articles and attract new readers)
  • ability to be more responsive to the need to share the work of the networks and communities of practice across Canada, whether ICAI Canadian Consortium or a provincial network (e.g., MAIN, etc.,).

We hope you see the value in moving in this direction and welcome your feedback. 


Drs. Brandy Usick and Brenda M. Stoesz, Co-Editors