Humanagogy – The Right Term For Our Times




Abstract: Educational conceptual frameworks and vocabulary need to evolve with modern, societal expectations. Education curriculum developers should use the term humanagogy as the appropriate 21st century replacement for the antiquated terms pedagogy and andragogy. Humanagogy has no inherent age and gender references, which, in an increasingly inclusive society, makes it superior to the former terms. Before I encountered that new word, I perceived andragogy as most the appropriate descriptor when referencing adult education; but, for reasons unknown, it was not being used broadly and consistently. In the process of strengthening the case to expand the use of andragogy, I discovered several “gogys,” including teliagogy, metagogy and humanagogy. Further investigation and analysis led me to determine that humanagogy was the best option. Surprisingly, the term is not new; it was introduced approximately 40 years ago. The purpose of this paper is to raise the profile of humanagogy and to encourage a broader adoption of its use among educators, as a symbol of a more enlightened era. Furthermore, a change in vocabulary will likely create further opportunity for the evolution of associated conceptual frameworks.

Author Biography

L.J.G. Couture, Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

Author and Affiliation
Dr. L.J.G. (Larry) Couture
Instructor, Werklund School of Agricultural Technology
Olds College of Agriculture & Technology
ORCID: 0009-0000-6299-1805