School Bullying Intervention: Nuancing the Functional Behavioral Assessment Process



Abstract: Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) has shown promise for responding to a range of behaviors, helping teachers and counselors target strategies more precisely. One struggle with employing FBA strategies by classroom teachers, at least in part, is due its observable data-driven approach. This is especially true as applied to school bullying behavior. School bullying is often invisible to adults. Bullies become adept at operating under the adult radar, while being quite visible to peers. Yet, FBA provides strong strategies for the individualized behavioral interventions necessary to address the multi-faceted motivations that may fuel bullying behavior. Making those behaviors visible, or at least accessible, is key to employing an FBA approach to school bullying. In this article we advocate for designing protocols aimed at considering the invisible nature of school bullying to adult eyes, aimed at better data collection and analysis crucial to the FBA process.

Author Biographies

Ronald B. Jacobson, Whitworth University

Author and Affiliation
Dr. Ronald B. Jacobson
Professor – Dean of the School of Education
Faculty of Education
Whitworth University

Michele T. Jacobson, Central Washington University

Author and Affiliation
Ms. Michele T. Jacobson
Faculty of Education
Central Washington University