A Comparison Between Physical Education in Canadian Schools Versus Egyptian Schools: A First Reflection


  • Hesham Ahmed University of Calgary
  • Hossam Elhady Benha University




Abstract: This paper compares the major aspects of the Canadian and Egyptian curricula in physical education. The paper presented each country's geography and demography background, reflecting the aim of the physical education curricula. Also, considering the governance of education, how each country shapes its curricula, and how they form the policy of the physical education aims. We also conducted a small interview with a few children who had studied for at least one year in an Egyptian school and then came to Canada and spent at least a term in Canadian schools in order to understand how they felt in those different educational systems. This comparison showed some preliminary outcomes that will be useful to the Egyptian side to get an idea of how the curriculum gets shaped in one of the developed countries and also provides a general understanding of the education system in both countries. The paper showed some similarities but also illustrated huge gaps between the two countries in particular aspects, such as the ratio between the number of students and the schools, the expenditures on education, and the elements that shape each country's physical education curricula.