‘Global’ Education: Migration, Belonging and the ‘Rule’ of Being a Guest



Abstract: This article explores the different issues in education in a globalized society, especially significant as the COVID-19 pandemic has deepened existing challenges for ‘Global’ Education. It reflectively navigates the stormy waters of '[in]difference' in an intertwined understanding of global and local, exploring the complexities of an increasingly globalized world by conceptualizing the words migration, segregation, integration, and engagement in the context of ‘Global’ Education. From vaccines accessibility to economic woes, from natural disasters and climate change to the intensification of migrations often due to the uneven way economics has worked to privilege a few, while disregarding the needs of most; the pandemic has highlighted inequalities, the inclusion of differences in the mainstream narratives of power and dominance is reflected in this article through the lens of ‘Global’ Education: Home and Abroad. Is there hope for a globally inclusive education in a world in need of compassion and meaningful relations?