Reconciliatory Pedagogy: Teacher Perspectives and Practices


  • Clancy Evans
  • Sarah Charlebois



The release of the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Report in 2015 has prompted research and pedagogy that focuses on Indigenous education, updated teaching standards, and re-designed curriculum; however, experiences of teachers who have been called to act in the service of reconciliation have received minimal research attention. This study found that although the majority of educators believe in the necessity of this work, few are taking steps towards reconciliation through their work as educators. This study utilized an explanatory mixed method approach to gather survey and interview data into the reconciliatory practices, challenges, and successes experienced by grades 4-9 teachers. Overall, findings of this research suggest that educators who are committed to reconciliation, self-reflection, and collaboration are more likely to incorporate aspects of reconciliatory pedagogy into their teaching. This study informs teacher practice, pre-service teacher training, professional development, and ultimately aims to move the dialogue about reconciliation forward within Canadian education.