Les Biais ou Sources D'erreurs dans les Attributions Causales des Enseignants du Collégial à Propos de L'échec et de la Réussite de Leurs Élèves

  • Yamina Bouchamma


The distribution system aims at giving meaning to the world which surrounds us and at acquiring a greater control of our behaviour and that of others. The explanation of failure and success can be affected by several skews or sources of errors such as that of kindness, humility, the position of actor or observer, fundamental error, the effect of polydoxy, and the type of question. This article examines the results of research undertaken with 324 teachers who came to conclusions about causes of the failure and the success of their pupils. The results show that the teachers allot the success and the failure primarily to the pupil. They related failure to the social and institutional context while they related success to the pupil and the teacher.