Immigrant and "Alien" Reactions to Obama 's Educational Policy:Disposition of Authenticity or the Politics of The Emperor's New Clothes

  • Bharath Sriraman The University of Montana
  • Haavold Per Øystein
  • Gunnar Kristiansen University of Tromsø


The article by Stella Batagiannis brings into sharp relief issues confronting education in general in the United States through the narrative of an immigrant inside the system. In particular. Ms. Batagiannis addresses current policy level rhetoric and subsequent decision making that has led to increased polarization of views about the nature and purpose of public schools, the role of teachers, and measured accountability through high stakes testing as the shibboleth for society. This reaction, in the form of voices is composed by another immigrant to the United States (Bharath Sriraman), and two Norwegian aliens1 to the system (Haavold Per 0ystein and Gunnar Kristiansen) .