A Mindful Approach to Teacher Education: An Interview With William Hare


  • William Hare Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Sonya Singer Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Mary Jane Harkins Mount Saint Vincent University




To honour and celebrate Dr. William Hare's important contributions to educational studies on the occasion of his retirement, a two-day conference was held at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia in October, 2008. As part of one of the working seminars, we interviewed William Hare. Beginning with questions on the complex concept of open-mindedness, he discusses the use of case studies in education, the controversial link between open-mindedness and neutrality, the challenging task for teachers of posing questions for which there are no definitive answers, and the central role he assigns the philosophy of education in teacher education. Hare also reflects on his lifelong commitment to the topic of open-mindedness and why it has fascinated him for so long. This interview and the video-taped format will be valuable educational resources for teachers and educators working in diverse discipline areas, including the philosophy of education.