Reflections on the Spirituality of the Kanai Blood Tribe

  • Staahtsisttayaaki Genevieve A. Fox Independent First Nations Consultant


The spirituality of the Kainai people, members of the Siksikaitsitapi, the Blackfoot Confederacy, can be defined as a way of being, speaking, living, or in our words Kiipaitapiiwahsinnooni. The spirituality of the Kainai Nation is embodied within the individual. Spirituality becomes a part of one's being, one's life-world, is intertwined in everything one does, thinks, speaks, helping one to achieve "matsipaitapiiysini". Matsipaitapiiysini is that state of being of harmony, of spiritual enlightenment, having kimmapiypitssini. Kimmapiypitssini is a state of being where one has empathy, respect, honours the individual, is compassionate with others -it is the highest level of being one can hope to achieve.