Self-care and Well-being in Social Work Education: Creating New Spaces for Learning

  • Julie Drolet
  • Patricia Samson
  • Sherri Tanchak
  • Linda Kreitzer
  • Leeann Hilsen


Social work is a profession dedicated to the promotion of human rights and social justice in support of marginalized populations. Those dedicated to the pursuit of this quest will encounter both triumphs and tragedies on their journey. Students encounter classroom learning experiences that challenge their values, beliefs, and assumptions, which can create stress and dilemmas that may exceed their coping capacities. This article examines teaching and learning strategies designed to foster wellness and self-care by reflecting on teaching practices in two required undergraduate social work courses. Through an examination of the professional use of self, and developing wellness plans in field education, teaching and learning strategies are presented to demonstrate the relationship between ethics, self-care, and reflection.