Theme Issue: Self-care, Health and Well-being in the Academy


  • Jennifer Lock
  • Gabrielle Wilcox
  • Yvonne Kjorlien



With growing expectations of productivity, it is not always easy to achieve a balance between research, teaching and service, between competitiveness and collaboration in the academy, and between work and personal life. Both new and experienced academics are in search of achieving a "happy medium" or a notion of "balance" to meet the expectations of the academy, the students they teach, the communities they serve, and in their own personal lives. In today's competitive higher educational settings, how are academics personally and professionally attending to their well-being and the well-being of their colleagues? As well as, how are they modeling such practices to students? For example, how are academics modeling ways to take care of themselves, increase balance, healthy behaviours, happiness to students, and to their colleagues? How are institutions, through policies, expectations, and other initiatives, supporting academics in this endeavour?