The Possibility of an Interdisciplinary Poetic Pedagogy: Re-Conceiving Knowing and Being


  • Debb Hurlock University of Calgary


Literature, Poetry, Debb Hurlock, HIC, 2002


This paper grew out of the unique and mysterious discovery of the prolific use of Canadian writer, Bronwen Wallaces poetry, by students and teachers in nursing. Before the actualinterpretation of the kinship of poetry and nursing, it is important to first consider a reconceived understanding of the interconnected relationship of epistemology and ontology that can be found within hermeneutic inquiry. This paper then explores characteristics of hermeneutic inquiry and its rich tradition, which may allow for a possible rendering of the meaning and value of the interdisciplinary relationship of nursing and poetry.

Author Biography

Debb Hurlock, University of Calgary

Debb Hurlock ( is a Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Research at the University of Calgary. Her current research focuses on the pedagogic meaning of the experiences that nursing students have when encountering poetry. Debb's previous area of study includes a Master of Arts degree in English Literature from Lakehead University. Her other areas of interest include critical discourse analysis, feminist theory, and interdisciplinarity.