Recension de l’ouvrage de Dubar, C. (2022). La socialisation : Construction des identités sociales et professionnelles (5e éd.)


  • Rébecca Sénéchal Université de Sherbrooke


The book review of the work “La socialisation: Construction des identités sociales et professionnelles”, written by Claude Dubar (2022) gives an overview of the various concepts and theories found within it. Indeed, in this book, the evolution of the socialization concept, the different dimensions of identity and the various experiences of individuals are explained and justified to contribute to a deeper understanding of what influences identity development. In this critical review, a synthesis of the twelve chapters composing the manuscript, divided into three parts, is presented, along an explanation of its relevance for sociological studies, anthropological studies, or educational contexts. The numerous empirical results contained therein also allow for the observation of diverse research methodologies in social domains.





Book Review/Critique de livre