L’apport de la pédagogie plurilingue lors de l’acquisition d’une langue seconde


  • Marie-Elen Archambault Université Laval


According to Cummins’ (2000) double scale, “the level of competence that a student is likely to achieve in his [second language] (L2) is dependent on the level reached in his [first language] (L1) at the time he begins learning the L2” (Armand, 2022, p. 18). If this is the case, is it possible to continue L1 literacy in parallel with the target language schooling of the multilingual student? And to what extent does the teaching of L1 benefit the student? In this essay, heritage language teaching programs, the ideologies that underlie them and the resistance encountered will be addressed as well as the challenges to the identity and motivation of learners. Subsequently, we will address the importance of taking L1s into account in the teaching and assessment of multilinguals, to end with the implementation of plurilingual pedagogies and their challenges.





Position Paper/Essai