A Literature Review of AI Education for K-12


  • Li Li Western University, Canada


The rapidly evolving artificial intelligence (AI) technology has a significant impact on how humans work and live. As a result, it is critical and timely for educators to guide students in reflecting on how AI may impact people’s lives and to equip them with the ability to responsibly maximize benefits while mitigating potential harms. However, there is a lack of educational research on how to teach K-12 students about AI technology and AI ethics to prepare them to deal with these issues as future citizens. In this context, my colleagues and I are developing curricula for K-12 students that incorporate AI technology and AI ethics. As part of our research, this literature review investigates the evolution of AI education for grades K-12. It provides context for AI educational research by us and other researchers in related fields.






CJNSE-CCGSE Special Issue