Global Social Innovation Lab: Theoretical Perspectives


  • Tatjana Brkic University of Prince Edward Island
  • Tejal Shah University of Prince Edward Island


This paper examines the use of education theories in designing and implementing innovative digital education strategies at a global scale. The text overviews issues associated with research and theory-based teaching in education practice. For the purposes of this investigation, the authors focus on a single case, a Global Social Innovation Lab that has been implemented in November 2021. The Lab was designed to enable students from four continents to engage in a collaborative problem-solving exercise, aimed at developing creative, entrepreneurial ideas to address global health and wellness problems in Covid times. The Lab creator and three co-authors, share their perspectives on the Lab design and implementation, contrasting the pedagogical challenges they encountered with educational theories that can be consulted in such situations.






CJNSE-CCGSE Special Issue