Comprendre la persévérance aux études postsecondaires selon deux perspectives : celle de l’institution et celle de l’étudiant


  • Zina Kharchi UQTR


Considering the complexity of the concept of perseverance (Hedhili, 2016; Roland, 2017; Sauvé, Debeurme, Fournier, Fontaine et Wright, 2006), this article aims to provide some guidelines for defining it in the context of postsecondary education. To begin with, after the introduction, the concept is defined in a broad sense in order to identify what school perseverance represents and then to arrive at the implications it has in the postsecondary context in particular. To this end, two perspectives are presented, that of the institution and that of the student, with a view to investigating the different positions taken by the authors in this regard. Following the presentation of definitions related to the postsecondary context, elements to be considered are finally highlighted in order to delimit the definition of the concept mainly from the student's perspective.






Literature Review/Revue de la documentation