Slow on the Fast Track: A Mindful Oath to Management and a Ph.D. Survival Guide


  • Jody-Lynn Rebek Algoma University


As an entrepreneur, instructor, and new mother, becoming a student again was no easy task. It was important for me to find the right balance to energize my pursuit of learning, nurture my young family, and attend to work obligations all while achieving doctoral program outcomes. I could not conceive of program expectations thoroughly enough to prepare. Yet, by investing time to make a plan and establish routines, tools, and techniques at the onset, I managed obligations effectively and efficiently. My plan translated into a mindfulness routine that maintained consistent levels of motivation, and inspired me to apply methods to help me succeed. Drawing on my doctoral experiences and empirical research in mindfulness and motivation, this article illustrates approaches to assist students with managing personal, professional, and scholastic expectations. By dedicating time to be mindful and cultivating a mindset to manage priorities, students can engage in a healthy pursuit of learning and achievement, and strengthen their human potential.






Position Paper/Essai