A Digital Native’s Experience of Mobile Assisted Language Learning: A Reflection on a Qualitative Pilot Study


  • Min Huang MS


This article is a reflection on a qualitative pilot study that tested an instrument, namely a semi-structured interview, and constituted an essential process for conducting the final PhD research. This study aimed to explore the experience of international students using mobile devices for second language learning in a public university in Canada. I recruited one international student using electronic advertising and conducted a face-to-face interview. The findings suggest that without teachers’ instruction or support using mobile devices, this participant, though born and grown up in a digital age, tended to ignore the potential of mobile devices for learning purposes. Through implementing and reflecting on this interview, including the process of obtaining ethics approval, recruiting participants, and gathering and analyzing the data, I identified issues that might affect data collection and analysis, which could be referred to in the final research. This reflection is intended to present novice researchers with concrete steps to implement interviews, possible challenges, and modification options of qualitative studies.






Research Study/Recherche