Negotiating Settler Colonialism, Activism, and Emerging Scholarly Identities

Casey Burkholder


Inspired by Indigenous water and land protectors in Standing Rock (ND) and Muskrat Falls (NL), as well as her new identity as soon-to-be ‘parent’, the editor suggests that issues of activism and identity are intertwined in the ways in which the political and academic lives of new scholars are developed during their training in Canadian post-secondary institutions. The editor also presents an overview of the five articles in this Fall issue related to issues of identity and rethinking educational theories in a variety of Canadian educational spaces, including: post-secondary vocational education (Gustafson), physical education programs and models-based practices (Baker), exploring feminisms in educational contexts (Syme Anderson), exploring academic discourse socialization in post-secondary institutions (Vasilopoulos), and a reflection on theories surrounding adolescent motivation in Quebec’s educational context (Gaudreau).


Education; Identity; Settler Colonialism

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